Puro Dynamics is a prudent solution provider for air, water, waste water & process disinfection.

Puro Dynamics is an environmental solution provider for all problems in Industry & Society.

Puro Dynamics is beleaves in Sustainability with profitability and hence delivers only Green Technology like Ozone.

We enjoy the patronage of both public and private sector companies which proves our flexibility and efficiency. Also we undertake complete pilot scale study for better execution & results.

Our quick and efficient services (both before and after sale) have made us one of the most preferred suppliers in various industries including Aquaculture, Pharma, Pulp & Paper, Potable water etc.,

Our solutions are known for

  • Simplicity in Handling
  • Practicality in execution
  • Reliability of Results

Joint Development

We actively collaborate with customers and National level associations   in both product and application development cycles from concept and fundamental research to commercialization.

Through a collaborative effort between Puro dynamics R & D, Process Engineering, and Production Engineering, we provide our customers with a seamless transition from concept to production.

Past joint projects have resulted in new solutions that have simultaneously enhanced performance, reduced cost, and improved handling on a commercial scale. Each collaboration is unique in the duration and scope, and the work is always kept strictly confidential.

PURO DYNAMICS is excited to explore new opportunities, so if you have interest in collaborating on a specific project, please contact us.

Solutions and services

Ozone – UV solutions:

Our Ozone/ UV systems produce consistent results as the output of the system can be easily measured, monitored, controlled and automated easily on site.

We are capable of providing you solutions using ozone in the following applications

  • Process lines, Food packaging, IQF solutions,
  • Improving shelf life , and stop cross contamination
  • Ice making
  • Clean in place (CIP) systems
  • Disinfection of drinking water, Bottled water, Bore well water,
  • Removal of iron , arsenic, cyanide from bore water as well as effluents
  • Decolourisation , oxidation of effluent
  • COD / BOD as well as TOC reduction
  • AOP process in combination with UV treatment
  • Waste water pre treatment for UF and RO systems
  • Sea water disinfection, organics removal for aquaculture & poultry applications for hatchery to processing lines.
  • High purity water in Pharma process lines
  • Solutions for Recycling of waste water
  • Disinfection
  • Odour control/Abatement

To eliminate chlorine in

  • For ECF bleaching in Raw pulp
  • For increasing ISO value/ improving brightness of recycled paper
  • For Raw sugar bleaching reducing ICUMSA value
  • For Starch , Sago, clay bleaching
  • Reduction of chemical usage
  • Energy reduction
  • Brightness improvement
  • Fabric life improvement
  • For all said above process
  • To ascertain the feasibility
  • For process improvement
  • Supply and design of Pilot Plant based on ozone as well as Advanced oxidation process

Projects – Prefabrication and Civil construction:

  • Prefab /Modular STP Plants
  • Internal Air Quality(IAQ) solutions
  • Gates, doors, cabins, for office as well as industrial process areas like Chemical, Marine and corrosive environment

Health and Hospitality Industry:

  • Both prefabricated and civil constructed pools
  • IAQ solutions
  • Disinfection of air in centrally air conditioned areas, toilets, to reduce chemical usage as well as improving oxygen levels in closed areas
  • Disinfection Operation theatres
  • Stop cross contamination of diseases
  • For Hotel rooms, centrally air conditioned areas, malls etc

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