Health Care & Therapy

Therapy Pool or aqua therapy swimming pools

These are swimming pools that are fabricated exclusively for aqua therapy.

Over all system is designed to help the patients easily rehabilitate and use the pool safely.

This system replaces huge civil structures and long curing periods and laborious testing periods there off. But it does not replace the ruggedness associated the civil pools i.e. it is as rugged as a civil constructed pool.

They can be even mounted on the terrace or inside a building or inside clinic easily. The system comes to you straight as a completely prefabricated structure to minimize cost and time of installation.

More important, with regard to microbial safety aspects, compared to civil constructed pools, prefab pools have very low chances of algae growth, microbial contamination through bacteria and Protozoa as the wall finish is lot more smoother, leaving less room for the microbes to grow in the wall tile gapes of the pool.

The disinfection of the pool water is done by using ozone and hence it enhances the therapeutic effect of the swimmers skin, legs, body joints etc., without producing any effect like rashes, red eyes like chlorinated swimming pools.