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Ozone for Laundry

The power of ozone for industrial laundries is well established based on the following facts:

Saves hot water consumption

Normally laundry temperatures operations range from 60 to 75C. The use of ozone can potentially decrease this temperature to 30 to 35C and use cold water in following water cycles. This is because ozone leads to the production of oxygen which increases detergents potential in cleaning permitting to reduce the temperature. The reduce of hot water consumption will save costs of your hot water bill. Furthermore, it will reduce damage of your clothes.

Powerful disinfectant

Almost any pathogen is afraid when ozone comes. Ozone is a biocide that can easily control odors, kill viruses and get rid of any bacteria up to a 99% in ozone laundry. That is why the application of ozone for laundry is widely spread out in hospitals and lab rooms.

Puro Dynamics Laundry Solutions are fully designed to provide the all the ozone benefits. The system can be totally made automatic and also semi automatic, and for ease of operation. Refer to our product list or call us for further details.

Reduces the use of chemicals

Detergents used for laundry are more effective than the normal dose when combined with ozone. This is because ozone permits a major penetration and cleaning effect of the detergents:

  • The use of ozone is a potential oxidizing and disinfecting agent, thus it will reduce the use of chloride bleaching which damage fabrics.
  • Alkali from detergent and bleach residue in the linen fibre elevate PH levels and therefore it is common to use chemicals to balance the PH. The use of ozone helps maintain neutral PH levels reducing the use of these substances.
  • Traditionally, softeners are used to reduce static electricity. The use of ozone impedes the formation of static electricity, thus eliminating the need for softeners. Furthermore, the amount of water to rinse out the detergent is reduced as well as the load on the sewer. It increase the life time of the Expensive laundry machines by the reduction on the need of harsh chemicals.

Sewage treatment System

Our Non-electric / Semi Electric Sewage treatment Systems is an end to end system which handles raw sewage from the inception to the final stage efficiently; it handles the low and upset loads, high temperatures and tiring pH conditions.

This System uses an environment friendly micro – organism embedded in a porous block to treat wastewater. The nutrients embedded in porous material,  are favourable for microbes. There are multiple types of bacteria which activates when in contact with wastewater. It multiplies the relevant bacteria exponentially and treats waste water by reducing COD, BOD and other pollutants present in waste water and the beneficial bacteria further grows exponentially by reproduction of new cells.

The aeration system consists of no mechanical equipment’s and there are no requirements of blowers and the diffuser system. A Micro Organism Generator(MOG) is placed at designated positions to treat the organics comprehensively.

Air is infused inside the an ADVANCED BIO REACTOR (ABR) system via Macrophytes, i.e, natural breathing of plants, which reacts with the MOG for oxidation of the organics.


  1. Little Power Consumption
  1. No Sludge recirculation and hence no requirement to maintain MLSS.
  1. Modular plants with no civil work.
  1. Odor control.
  1. Handle upset loads.
  2. No pump maintenance as gravity is used instead of pumps.
  3. No ugly smelling sewage.
  4. Avoiding Sludge management on a daily basis.
  5. Conserving fossil energies
  6. Conserving Nutrients
  7. Separate treatment of oil on a daily basis