Ultra Violet

Ultra violet sterilisers

Each model has been designed and built to provide years of reliable service and has been fully tested under pressure before it leaves the factory. Our UV sterilizers are in use by aquarists, aquaculture, public aquariums, educational institutions, government agencies, and industry and research organizations across the India.

Our UV sterilizers are highly recommended for both fresh and saltwater (marine) systems as well as ponds. They may be used to kill waterborne bacteria and viruses, to control algae and/or to kill Fungi and protozoa (parasites). UV sterilizers do NOT affect water chemistry, lower the livestock’s immune systems, nor affect established biological filtration systems.

The average life expectancy of bulbs in Puro Dynamics UV sterilizers is almost a year of continuous operation.

UV Sterilization

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is environmentally safe and recognized as highly effective on a wide range of pathogens, including viruses. Puro Dynamics can provide UV systems for disinfection, reuse and photo chemical oxidation. We have a complete range of UV products for municipal waste water, municipal drinking water and all industrial applications.

UV irradiation systems disinfect by inactivating pathogenic microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria and parasites.

In the UV-C light spectrum (200-280 nm), the wavelength 254nm has been proven to be the most efficient wavelength to inactivate micro-organisms by damaging the nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), which disrupts the organism’s ability to replicate.

In normal applications, UV has the following advantage

  • No chemicals are added to the water being treated
  • No disinfection by-products are formed
  • Small foot print
  • UV equipment can be easily integrated/ retrofitted into most existing water treatment plants.
  • Easily suitable for various applications.